Diving Off the Cliff

There are all kinds of inaugural events and this blog celebrates two; my very first blog post – yes I know I’m showing my age – and my very first novel! And unlike Presidential Inaugurations, you don’t have to be a VIP to have a front row seat.

Writing a book has been a solitary occupation but now that I’m done, I see it as a very social occasion. At this point, it is all about the interaction between me and the reader. I look at writing as a conversation. I have created a story and characters to communicate ideas, feelings and points of view and last but certainly not least, to entertain. If I have no audience, I am merely talking to myself, and what’s the fun in that? Next to making people laugh, I can’t think of anything more rewarding then writing a book that has readers staying up late to finish it.

On the 13th of September,  Beneath a Shooting Star, my first novel, will be published and become part of the magical world of literature which has held me in its thrall since I was read to as a toddler. It is so exciting to visualize this creation of mine on someone’s bookshelf or in someone’s hand.

Now I’ve reached the nail biting part of the process where my novel leaves my protective custody and is sent out to be judged by the reading public. As I stand on the edge of my publication cliff, I hope my book will touch an inner chord in some of you, and you will be sad when you turn over the last page.

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