New Experiences

Since I’ve become a published author, I’ve had many new experiences. Sometimes I am taken by surprise by how much a simple thing can excite me. For example, I never would have imagined that receiving a list of the winners of my Goodreads giveaway would be so enthralling. Who were these seven women and one man? I studied the list as if by doing so I could discern their personalities and interests. One of them had the same, uncommon first name as my grandmother. Was this a sign that she would be predisposed to my book? One recipient had an address from a University town. Was she a student or a professor? ¬†All of them came from states I had visited or driven through, including one person from a city where I had lived many years ago. It enabled me to place each one in a familiar setting which, strangely, pleased me. Autographing and packing up my books was such fun. I slipped a personal note into each package before sealing it up with a whispered wish that these strangers and I might find a connection through the story I had written.


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