Getting Ready for Company

I have an exciting week coming up. I will be touring, or rather Beneath a Shooting Star will be on tour, from February 27th to March 6th. This statement makes me picture my book sprouting arms and legs like Sponge Bob Square Pants and standing in front of readers, talking about itself. However, the reality is not as whimsical but magic of a high tech sort – a virtual tour via blog sites. Seven wonderful bloggers will feature my book on their sites with a synopsis, excerpts, reviews and in one case a guest post from me!

One of the bits of information I am providing to my tour stops is a link to this website. So in case company drops by, I want to freshen up my abode (Mom always taught me to tidy up before guests arrive) and provide some entertainment (another must I learned from Mom) in the form of some new posts.

The week beginning February 27th, there will be some new posts from me to celebrate my blog tour. I hope you will enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by.


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