About the Author

0001susanphotoiriswebresforonlineIn the beginning, I inhabited the ordinary world of a child growing up in the Connecticut suburbs. Part of my routine was a weekly trip to the library where I took out the maximum number of books allowed and spent most of my free time reading them.

Along with reading, writing was a normal occupation in our house. My father wrote poems for special occasions, and letter writing to pen pals and family members was encouraged. In the fourth grade, I had to give a speech to my class about my favorite hobby. Except for reading, I had no hobbies. So, I quickly invented one, writing four very short stories about my dog and putting them together in a homemade book with a construction paper cover. My teacher loved it, and I started thinking about becoming a “real” writer when I grew up.

Reality sometimes has a way of side tracking you. Once I graduated from college, practicality took over as I realized that writing fiction would not be a reliable way to support myself. Then, in the mid-seventies, after working as a paralegal for five years, I decided to go to law school. This decision eventually led to a career I tolerated, escaping whenever I could into books and the penning of short stories that I left to languish in a desk drawer. But my first legal job turned out to be very important in one respect; it was there I met my future husband.

In September of 1980, I made my first trip to Pakistan. I did not go as a tourist or for a job, but as a bride. I had twenty hours of travel time to become more than a little nervous. My husband would be the first in his family to forgo an arranged marriage and choose his own wife. Fortunately, I was welcomed into a large extended family that over years of annual visits has become as close as the one I was born into. Our marriage brought with it a life I had never anticipated or could have imagined, and began the long journey that led to the writing of this book.

As a reader, I have always enjoyed stories that allow me to explore foreign countries on a more intimate level. Writing Beneath a Shooting Star gave me the opportunity to do the same for a country and a people I have come to love.